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Distressing: A technique to give surfaces an aged, worn look, often used on furniture and cabinetry.    

Faux Marble: Creating a marble effect on surfaces using paint and glazing techniques.    

Lime Wash: Applying a lime-based paint that offers a unique, textured finish often used for a rustic look.    

Antiquing: A method of applying a glaze or wash over a base paint to create an aged appearance.    

Rag Rolling: A technique where a rag is rolled over wet paint to create patterns and texture.    

Gold Leafing: Applying thin sheets of gold leaf for a luxurious, decorative finish.    

Chalkboard Paint: Using a special paint that creates a surface that can be written on with chalk and erased.    

Magnetic Paint: Applying a paint containing metal particles to create a surface that magnets can stick to.    

Stippling: Using a stippling brush to create a textured pattern with paint.    

Sponging Off: A technique where paint is applied with a sponge and then partially removed while still wet to create texture.    

Color Washing: A soft, subtle paint technique that creates a warm, mottled effect.    

Graining: Using tools and techniques to imitate the appearance of wood grain on non-wood surfaces.    

Crackle Glaze: Applying a specialized glaze that cracks as it dries, creating an aged, crackled paint effect.    

Metallic Finishes: Using paints with metallic particles to give surfaces a shimmering, metallic look.   

Pearlescent Effects: Applying a paint finish that shimmers and changes color when viewed from different angles.    

Texture Additives: Incorporating substances into paint to create custom textures, such as sand for a gritty finish.    

Ombre Walls: Creating a gradual blending of one color hue to another, often moving tints and shades from light to dark.      

Paint Project Estimated ROI Calculator

Paint Project Estimated ROI Calculator