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Key Features:

  • Paint Durability: Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams provide long-lasting paints that can withstand various climates and conditions.
  • Color Selection and Retention: Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of colors with their Gennex® Color Technology ensuring vibrant, long-lasting hues. Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap® system also provides a robust selection with excellent color retention.
  • Environmental and Health Considerations: Both brands offer low-VOC and eco-friendly paint options, ensuring safer indoor air quality and sustainable practices.

Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams

Choosing the Right Paint Brand: A Personal Journey to Perfection

When I first started painting my own home, I didn't realize how crucial it was to choose the right paint brand. I thought any paint would do the job, but I quickly learned that quality matters. My initial attempt with a generic brand resulted in a finish that started peeling within months. It was then that I understood the importance of investing in quality paint for both aesthetics and durability. This experience led me to explore the best in the industry, ultimately discovering the unparalleled performance of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

Overview of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

A Brief History of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore was founded in 1883 by Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert in Brooklyn, New York. From its humble beginnings, the company quickly grew, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. One of its key milestones was the introduction of the first ready-mixed paint, revolutionizing the industry by making paint more accessible and easier to use. Over the years, Benjamin Moore has continued to lead the way with numerous innovations, including the development of Gennex® Color Technology, which provides richer, more durable colors.

A Brief History of Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams, founded in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in Cleveland, Ohio, has a storied history of innovation and growth. The company pioneered many of the paint technologies we take for granted today, such as the resealable tin can and the first paint specifically formulated for automobiles. Sherwin-Williams has also been at the forefront of color technology, introducing the ColorSnap® Visualizer tool, which helps customers choose the perfect color for their projects with ease. This commitment to innovation and quality has made Sherwin-Williams a household name in the painting industry.

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Comparing Quality and Performance

When selecting the right paint for your project, quality and performance are paramount. Let's delve into how Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams stack up in terms of durability, coverage, application, and color retention.

Paint Durability

One of the most critical aspects of paint is its ability to withstand the test of time, especially in varying climates. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are renowned for their durable formulations that hold up well against weather elements.

Long-term Performance in Various Climates

Benjamin Moore’s Aura® line, for instance, is designed to resist fading and withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for homes in areas with harsh winters or intense summers. Similarly, Sherwin-Williams’ Duration® line is formulated for superior durability and is highly resistant to peeling, blistering, and dirt pickup, even in the most challenging climates.

Coverage and Application

The efficiency of coverage and ease of application are crucial for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters.

Coverage Per Gallon and Ease of Application

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select line is known for its excellent coverage, often requiring fewer coats compared to other brands. This not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of the project. On the other hand, Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint® line is praised for its smooth application and ability to cover imperfections effectively, making it a favorite among professionals.

Color Selection and Retention

A wide range of color options and the ability to retain those colors over time are essential for achieving and maintaining the desired aesthetic appeal.

Variety of Colors Available and How Well They Hold Up Over Time

Benjamin Moore offers an extensive palette through their Color Preview® and Historical Color collections, allowing for a vast array of choices. Their Gennex® Color Technology ensures that colors remain vibrant and true for years. Similarly, Sherwin-Williams provides a robust selection through their ColorSnap® system, which includes options for any design preference. Their advanced color retention technology ensures that the chosen hues stay vibrant longer.

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Environmental and Health Considerations

When choosing the right paint, it's crucial to consider the environmental and health impacts. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have made significant strides in producing paints that are not only high in performance but also environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

Low-VOC Options

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that can easily become vapors or gases. High levels of VOCs in paint can contribute to indoor air pollution and cause health issues such as headaches, dizziness, and respiratory problems. Therefore, selecting low-VOC paints is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality.

Importance of Low-VOC Paints for Indoor Air Quality

Low-VOC paints are especially important for indoor spaces where people spend a lot of time. These paints emit fewer harmful chemicals into the air, making the environment safer for occupants, particularly in homes with children, the elderly, or individuals with respiratory conditions.

Comparison of Low-VOC Offerings from Both Brands

Benjamin Moore: 

Benjamin Moore’s Natura® line is one of the best low-VOC options on the market. It’s virtually odorless, offers excellent coverage, and is certified asthma and allergy-friendly. Another great choice is their Eco Spec® line, designed for commercial environments where air quality is a top priority.


Sherwin-Williams offers several low-VOC lines, including their Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex, which not only has low VOC levels but also helps reduce common indoor odors and features anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface. Another notable option is their ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex, popular in commercial settings for its performance and air quality benefits.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, making them leaders in the industry.

Commitment to Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Benjamin Moore: 

Benjamin Moore has a strong commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by their LEED Gold-certified manufacturing facility. They focus on reducing waste, recycling materials, and using sustainable raw materials wherever possible. Their Green Promise® designation highlights products that meet or exceed rigorous environmental and performance standards.


Sherwin-Williams is equally committed to sustainability. They have implemented numerous eco-friendly practices across their manufacturing processes, including reducing waste, conserving energy, and sourcing raw materials responsibly. Their commitment is reflected in their continuous improvement initiatives and sustainability reporting.

Lightmen Painting’s Preference for Environmentally Responsible Products

We prioritize using environmentally responsible products to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and the environment. We often recommend low-VOC and eco-friendly paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams because of their proven performance and commitment to sustainability. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their homes are painted with products that are safer for their families and kinder to the planet.

Practical Steps for Eco-Friendly Painting

Proper Disposal: 

Properly disposing of leftover paint and materials is crucial to minimizing environmental impact. Many retailers and local waste management services offer paint recycling programs to handle this responsibly.

Eco-Friendly Tools: 

Using eco-friendly painting tools, such as brushes and rollers made from sustainable materials, can further reduce your environmental footprint.

Efficient Planning: 

Plan your painting project efficiently to minimize waste. This includes accurately calculating the amount of paint needed and using leftover paint for touch-ups or other projects to avoid disposal issues.

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Cost and Value

When choosing between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, it's essential to consider not just the upfront cost, but the overall value these high-quality paints offer. Investing in the right paint can save you money and time in the long run.

Price Comparison

Understanding the price points of both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams can help you make an informed decision that balances budget and quality.

Overview of Price Points for Both Brands

Benjamin Moore: Benjamin Moore is known for its premium quality, and this is reflected in its pricing. The cost per gallon can range from $40 to $80, depending on the specific product line. Their high-end lines like Aura and Regal Select are on the pricier side, but they offer exceptional coverage and durability.

Sherwin-Williams: Sherwin-Williams also offers a wide range of products with prices ranging from $35 to $75 per gallon. Their top-tier lines, such as Emerald and Duration, are comparable in price to Benjamin Moore's premium options. Sherwin-Williams often provides discounts and sales, which can make their products more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

Value for Money

While the initial cost is an important factor, the true value of a paint product lies in its performance and longevity.

Long-Term Cost Savings from Higher-Quality Paints

Investing in high-quality paints from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams can result in significant long-term savings. These paints are formulated to provide excellent coverage and durability, reducing the need for frequent repaints and touch-ups. For instance, Benjamin Moore’s Aura® line is known for its exceptional hide and coverage, often requiring fewer coats, which translates to lower labor costs and less paint needed overall.

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams offer a range of products that cater to different budgets and project requirements. The key is to consider not just the price per gallon, but the overall value and performance you get from each brand. At Lightmen Painting, we always recommend looking at the big picture. Investing in high-quality paint may seem more expensive initially, but the benefits of better coverage, durability, and fewer repaints make it a wise choice for anyone seeking lasting results. Whether you choose Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, you can be assured of getting excellent value for your money.

In Our Experience:

"Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams offer exceptional quality. I remember a project where we used Benjamin Moore’s Aura® Exterior for a historic Victorian home. The color remained vibrant and the paint held up beautifully against harsh weather conditions. On another occasion, we used Sherwin-Williams Duration® for a busy retail space. The paint’s durability and ease of maintenance were impressive, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. These experiences have shown us that both brands excel in different areas, and the choice often depends on the specific needs of the project."

Customer Support and Availability

When it comes to choosing the right paint brand, customer support and product availability are critical factors. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams excel in these areas, offering robust support and easy accessibility to their products.

Customer Service

Experiences with Customer Support from Both Brands

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are known for their excellent customer service. Benjamin Moore provides comprehensive support through their knowledgeable staff at local independent retailers. They offer expert advice on product selection, color matching, and application techniques. Their website also features extensive resources, including FAQs, how-to guides, and a color visualizer tool.

Sherwin-Williams, on the other hand, has a vast network of stores with dedicated paint experts ready to assist customers. They offer personalized advice and support, from selecting the right product to troubleshooting application issues. Their customer service extends beyond the stores with online chat support and a wealth of resources available on their website.

Availability and Accessibility

Availability in Local Stores and Online

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore products are widely available through a network of independent retailers. While you may not find them in big box stores, their presence in specialized paint and hardware stores ensures you get expert advice and support. Additionally, Benjamin Moore's online store offers convenient shopping with delivery options, making it easy to access their products from anywhere.


With over 4,000 stores across North America, Sherwin-Williams is incredibly accessible. Their products are also available through various online platforms, including their own website, which offers online ordering and delivery. The extensive network of stores ensures that you can quickly source the paints and supplies you need for any project.

Lightmen Painting’s Expertise with Both Brands

When it comes to delivering exceptional painting results, Lightmen Painting relies on the industry's best. Our extensive experience with both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams has proven their superior quality and performance, allowing us to achieve remarkable transformations for our clients.

Why We Use Both Brands

The Unique Strengths of Each Brand and How We Choose the Right Paint for Each Project

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have unique strengths that make them suitable for different projects. Benjamin Moore is often our go-to for residential projects requiring rich, enduring colors and exceptional coverage. Their Aura® and Regal Select lines are particularly impressive for their depth of color and longevity.Sherwin-Williams, with its extensive range of products, offers solutions for both residential and commercial needs. Their Duration® and Emerald® lines are perfect for high-traffic areas due to their durability and washability. Additionally, their Harmony® line is excellent for environments where air quality is a concern.

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Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Choosing between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams can be a tough decision, but with the right information and professional guidance, you can make an informed choice that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Assessing Your Needs

When deciding between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, it’s essential to assess your specific needs. Here are some key factors to consider:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

Durability: If you need paint for a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or kitchen, you might prioritize durability. Both brands offer high-durability options, but products like Sherwin-Williams Duration® and Benjamin Moore Aura® stand out.

Color Selection: If you’re looking for a specific color or need a perfect match for an existing hue, Benjamin Moore is renowned for its extensive color palette and color-matching capabilities. On the other hand, Sherwin-Williams also offers a wide range of colors and has excellent color retention.

Environmental Impact: If eco-friendliness is a priority, both brands offer low-VOC options. Benjamin Moore’s Natura® and Sherwin-Williams Harmony® are excellent choices for environmentally conscious consumers.

Budget: Consider your budget as well. While both brands are premium options, there might be slight differences in cost. Benjamin Moore tends to be slightly more expensive, but it often requires fewer coats, potentially offsetting the higher price.

Consulting with Professionals

Making the right choice can be challenging without expert advice. Consulting with a professional painting service can provide valuable insights and ensure the best outcome for your project.

The Benefits of Consulting with a Professional Painting Service

Expertise and Experience: Professionals have the experience and knowledge to recommend the best products for your specific requirements. They understand the nuances of different paint formulations and can guide you in selecting the right one.

Customized Solutions: Professional painters can offer tailored solutions based on your home’s unique characteristics, such as its age, location, and existing condition. This personalized approach ensures optimal results.

Efficiency and Quality: Hiring professionals ensures that the job is done efficiently and to the highest standards. They have the right tools and techniques to achieve a flawless finish.

How Lightmen Painting Helps Clients Make Informed Decisions

We take pride in helping our clients make well-informed decisions. Our process involves an initial consultation where we assess your needs, preferences, and budget. We provide detailed recommendations on the best products and application techniques to ensure your project is successful.


Choosing between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams depends on several factors, including durability, color selection, environmental impact, and budget. Assessing your needs and consulting with professionals can help you make the right choice.


If you’re still unsure about which paint to choose for your project, contact Lightmen Painting for expert advice and top-notch painting services. Our team is ready to help you achieve the perfect finish for your home.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams in the comments, or ask us any questions you have about choosing the right paint for your home. Your feedback and inquiries help us provide even better service to our community.

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People Also Ask:

What are the main differences between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints?

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams both offer high-quality paints, but Benjamin Moore is known for its extensive color palette and excellent coverage, while Sherwin-Williams is praised for its durability and smooth application.

Which paint brand offers better durability for exterior projects, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams?

Both brands provide durable exterior paints. Benjamin Moore’s Aura® line is highly resistant to fading and harsh weather, while Sherwin-Williams’ Duration® line is known for its superior resistance to peeling, blistering, and dirt pickup.

Are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams environmentally friendly?

Yes, both brands offer low-VOC options that are environmentally friendly. Benjamin Moore’s Natura® and Eco Spec® lines, along with Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony® and ProMar® 200 Zero VOC, are excellent choices for maintaining good indoor air quality.


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  • Benjamin Moore: A leading paint manufacturer known for its high-quality paints and extensive color palette.
  • Sherwin-Williams: A top paint brand renowned for its durable paints and innovative color technology.
  • Aura®: Benjamin Moore’s premium line of paint offering superior coverage and durability.
  • Duration®: Sherwin-Williams’ high-performance paint line known for its excellent weather resistance.
  • Low-VOC: Paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds, making them safer for indoor air quality.
  • Natura®: Benjamin Moore’s virtually odorless, low-VOC paint line that is asthma and allergy-friendly.
  • Harmony®: Sherwin-Williams’ low-VOC paint line with odor-reducing properties.
  • Coverage: The amount of area a paint can cover effectively, often measured in square feet per gallon.
  • ColorSnap®: Sherwin-Williams’ color selection and matching tool that helps customers choose the perfect shade.
  • Gennex® Color Technology: Benjamin Moore’s proprietary technology that enhances color richness and durability.

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