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Wallpaper Accent Walls

Hello, design dreamers and wall warriors! Welcome to another inspiring edition of Lightmen Daily. Today, we're diving into the enchanting world of wallpaper accent walls. Wallpaper? Yes, you heard right! Gone are the days when wallpaper was just a background player. In the hands of Lightmen Painting, wallpaper becomes a statement piece, a conversation starter, a reflection of your personality. So, let’s roll out the ideas (quite literally) and add some pizzazz to every room in your home!

The world of interior design continually evolves, with wallpaper making a significant comeback as a favored choice for adding character and depth to spaces. Lightmen Painting, known for its high-end paint renovation in Lake Oswego and expert interior painting crew in Portland, has mastered the art of wallpaper installation, offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

"I can make any room come to life without moving an inch. What am I?"

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The Comeback Kid: Wallpaper in Modern Design

Wallpaper's Renaissance

Wallpaper, once relegated to the background of outdated interior design, has surged back into prominence. Today, it stands at the forefront of modern décor, with options that are versatile, vibrant, and in vogue. The right wallpaper company offers a myriad of choices that can suit any aesthetic preference.

The Magic of Accent Walls

Accent walls have evolved beyond mere paint; they now embody the transformative power of wallpaper. Selecting the perfect accent wall wallpaper can turn a mundane room into a spectacular showcase, creating a focal point that captivates and enchants.

In Our Experience:

"We feel like we're apart of the come back of the concept of wallpaper. It's come from a mere background element to a striking accent feature that adds depth and personality to you place. Our experience has shown us the transformative power of carefully selected wallpaper patterns and textures, each reflecting the homeowner's style. We prioritize not only the look and feel but also the material and pattern selection, ensuring it complements the room's ambiance and withstands the test of time. Our professional installation and maintenance advice ensures longevity, while our innovative use of wallpaper on unexpected surfaces like ceilings and furniture further exemplifies our commitment to creative and quality craftsmanship. With our expertise, wallpaper becomes not just a decor choice but a significant element in crafting your home's character and feel. "

Wallpaper Wonders for Every Room

Living Room: Bold and Beautiful

In the living room, an accent wall adorned with dynamic wallpaper can dictate the entire decorative scheme. Contemporary wallpaper trends favor bold patterns and vivid colors, with some wall paper companies providing textured options to add depth and character to your space.

Bedroom: Soothing Sanctuary

The bedroom, on the other hand, calls for a more subdued approach. Wallpaper in soft colors and gentle patterns can transform this space into a soothing sanctuary, conducive to relaxation and rest. The right wallpaper can complement the room's furnishings and lighting, creating a cohesive and serene environment.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Material Matters

Selecting the right material for your wallpaper is paramount. Vinyl wallpapers, recommended by top wall paper companies, are perfect for high-moisture environments like kitchens, while fabric-based wallpapers impart a touch of luxury to bedrooms and living areas.

Patterns and Colors: The Heart and Soul of Wallpaper

The heart and soul of wallpaper lie in its patterns and colors. Making the right choice is crucial, as it should harmonize with the room’s lighting, size, and existing décor. The best wall paper company will guide you in selecting a design that not only aligns with your style but also enhances the overall ambiance of your home. 

Unleashing Wall Wonders: Wallpaper Accent Walls for Every Room

"I told my friend I’d help them put up wallpaper. I guess you could say I’m sticking to my promises!"

Installation and Longevity

The Professional Touch

DIY wallpapering can be tempting, but for an accent wall that captivates and endures, the professional expertise of a wall paper company like Lightmen Painting is invaluable. Their skilled hands guarantee your wallpaper will not only look impeccable but will also remain resilient over time.

Maintaining Your Wallpaper

Contrary to common perception, maintaining wallpaper is more straightforward than many realize. Regular dusting and gentle cleaning can preserve its appearance and vibrancy. For those seeking versatility and change, Lightmen Painting offers innovative removable wallpaper solutions, perfect for those who love to update their spaces regularly without committing to a permanent design. 

Beyond the Walls: Creative Uses of Wallpaper

Accent Beyond Walls

Wallpaper’s versatility extends far beyond accent walls. Lightmen Painting has creatively applied wallpaper to transform ceilings, bookcases, and even furniture, demonstrating its flexibility in enhancing various elements within a space. This innovative use of wallpaper illustrates how it can become a central feature of interior design, contributing texture, color, and pattern in unexpected places. 

Mixing and Matching with Paint

The interplay between wallpaper and paint can create a harmonious and stylish interior. Lightmen Painting excels in pairing wallpapered accent walls with complementary paint colors, crafting spaces that feel cohesive and thoughtfully designed. This combination allows for a creative expression of style, integrating the unique qualities of both mediums to achieve a personalized and dynamic aesthetic.

The Lightmen Painting Edge

Tailored Design Solutions

Lightmen Painting goes beyond the norm to provide tailored wallpaper solutions. What sets Lightmen Painting apart is their tailored approach to design solutions. They go beyond simply applying wallpaper; they aim to understand and integrate the client's personal style into the space, ensuring the final product not only meets but enhances the room's overall aesthetic. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship means that any wallpapered feature wall or accent detail is executed with the utmost care, reflecting the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. 

Quality and Craftsmanship

With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Lightmen Painting ensures your wallpapered accent wall is more than just decor; it becomes a lasting expression of your personal style and taste.

The trend of using wallpaper as an accent wall is here to stay, with Lightmen Painting leading the way. They offer endless possibilities to transform spaces, from chic and modern to classic and cozy. With their expertise, wallpaper becomes a tool to elevate and personalize your environment, promising a blend of beauty and durability that’s ready to unfold.


People Also Ask:

What is the significance of wallpaper in modern interior design? 

Wallpaper has made a significant comeback in modern interior design, offering versatility, vibrant colors, and bold patterns that can transform any space. It serves as a statement piece that can add depth, character, and personality to a room, making it a popular choice for creating accent walls and adding visual interest.

How can wallpaper be used effectively in different rooms of the house? 

In the living room, wallpaper can create a dynamic focal point with bold patterns and vivid colors. For bedrooms, softer colors and gentle patterns can establish a soothing atmosphere. Wallpaper can be tailored to the function and mood of each room, enhancing its aesthetics and overall ambiance.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional company like Lightmen Painting for wallpaper installation? 

Hiring a professional company like Lightmen Painting for wallpaper installation ensures precision, quality, and durability. Their expertise in selecting the right materials and applying them with meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the wallpaper not only looks impeccable but also remains resilient over time.


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"Like wallpaper transforms a room, your thoughts can redecorate your mindset for success. Remember, every pattern was once just a sketch."

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