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Key Features:

  • Advanced Alkyd Technology: Ensures superior adhesion and durability, making the paint ideal for various exterior surfaces.
  • MoorLife Flat Finish: Provides a flawless, elegant look by concealing surface imperfections and offering exceptional durability against weather conditions.
  • Low Temperature Application: Allows for painting in temperatures as low as 35°F, extending the painting season and providing flexibility in project scheduling.

Regal® Select Exterior Paint

Introducing Regal® Select Exterior Paint, a top-tier choice renowned for its advanced alkyd technology. This innovative formulation ensures superior adhesion and long-lasting durability, making it ideal for various exterior applications.

Advanced Alkyd Technology for Unmatched Adhesion

Enhanced Adhesion

Regal® Select's alkyd technology significantly improves adhesion, especially on challenging surfaces where other paints might struggle. This makes it a perfect solution for ensuring a strong, lasting bond that withstands environmental stressors.

Versatile Substrate Compatibility

The paint’s formulation is designed to adhere effectively to a variety of substrates, including PVC siding and trim. This versatility ensures that Regal® Select can be used confidently across different exterior surfaces, providing a consistent and reliable finish.

MoorLife Flat Finish (105) - Elegance in Every Brushstroke

Application Benefits

The MoorLife Flat Finish (105) offers exceptional application benefits. Its smooth, easy-to-apply consistency allows for precise and detailed work, making it an excellent choice for intricate exterior painting jobs. The flat finish helps to conceal surface imperfections, providing a flawless and elegant look.

Durability Factors

Despite its flat appearance, the MoorLife Flat Finish is engineered for durability. It withstands harsh weather conditions and resists cracking, peeling, and fading, ensuring that the painted surfaces maintain their beauty and integrity over time. This durability makes it a practical choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance. 

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Engineered for Performance and Aesthetics

Superior Flow and Leveling

Regal® Select Exterior Paint is engineered with exceptional flow and leveling properties, making it an ideal choice for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts. The paint provides ample open time, allowing for detailed and intricate painting tasks without the worry of premature drying. This ensures a smooth, even finish across all surfaces, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the project.

MoorGard Low Lustre Finish (103) - The Perfect Balance

Semi-Matte Appearance

The MoorGard Low Lustre Finish offers a semi-matte appearance that strikes the perfect balance between beauty and resilience. This finish is ideal for those who desire a subtle sheen that enhances the visual appeal of their exterior surfaces without being overly reflective. The low lustre finish provides a sophisticated look that is both elegant and understated.

Functional Resilience

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, the MoorGard Low Lustre Finish is designed for durability. It resists chalking, fading, and mildew growth, ensuring that the painted surfaces remain attractive and well-protected over time. This resilience makes it a practical choice for areas that experience significant weather exposure, maintaining both beauty and function.

MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish (096) - Lustrous and Long-Lasting

Glossy Appeal

The MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish offers a lustrous, glossy appearance that adds a touch of elegance to any exterior surface. This finish is perfect for highlighting architectural details and trim, providing a striking contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic of the home.

Robust Protection

In addition to its glossy appeal, the MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish delivers robust protection against environmental elements. It is formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions, including intense sunlight, heavy rain, and fluctuating temperatures. This ensures that the painted surfaces not only look great but also remain protected and durable for years to come. 

In Our Experience:

"Regal Select Exterior Paint has proven to be an exceptional choice for exterior projects. I recall a challenging project involving a historic home with various substrates, including PVC siding and intricate trim work. The advanced alkyd technology in Regal® Select ensured superior adhesion and a flawless finish across all surfaces. Even with unexpected rain shortly after application, the paint's early moisture resistance prevented any damage, allowing us to deliver a perfect result. This paint’s durability and versatility make it our go-to for exterior jobs, providing both aesthetic beauty and long-lasting protection. "

Extending the Painting Season and Project Durability

Low Temperature Application Capabilities

Regal® Select Exterior Paint is formulated to extend the painting season, offering application capabilities in temperatures as low as 35°F. This low temperature application feature allows for greater flexibility in project scheduling, enabling painting to commence earlier in the spring and continue later into the fall. This adaptability ensures that projects can be completed within tighter timelines, regardless of seasonal constraints.

Early Moisture Resistance

One of the standout features of Regal® Select Exterior Paint is its early moisture resistance. This quality allows the paint to withstand unexpected rain showers shortly after application, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted painting process. This moisture resistance is particularly beneficial in regions with unpredictable weather patterns, providing peace of mind to both painters and homeowners.

Durable Finish That Lasts

Resistance to Fading

Regal® Select Exterior Paint is engineered to maintain its vibrant color over time. Its advanced formulation provides exceptional resistance to fading, ensuring that the painted surfaces retain their rich, fresh appearance even after prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight and environmental elements. This longevity in color preservation enhances the aesthetic appeal and curb appeal of the property.

Protection Against Cracking and Peeling

In addition to its color retention properties, Regal® Select Exterior Paint offers superior protection against cracking and peeling. The durable finish is designed to adhere strongly to various substrates, preventing common issues such as blistering and peeling that can detract from the appearance of the exterior. This robust adhesion ensures that the painted surfaces remain intact and visually appealing for years, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups or repaints. 

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Mildew Resistance and Maintenance Ease

Mildew-Resistant Properties

Regal® Select Exterior Paint incorporates advanced mildew-resistant properties, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home’s exterior. This feature is particularly beneficial in humid or damp climates where mildew growth can be a significant issue. The paint’s formulation actively resists mildew, ensuring that surfaces remain clean and free from unsightly and damaging mildew stains. This resistance not only enhances the appearance of the exterior but also reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort for homeowners.

Ease of Maintenance

The durability and resistance qualities of Regal® Select Exterior Paint make it remarkably easy to maintain. Its robust finish withstands daily wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, and frequent cleaning, ensuring that the exterior remains looking fresh and new with minimal upkeep. This ease of maintenance contributes to the overall longevity of the paint job, providing homeowners with a lasting investment in their property’s curb appeal and protection.

The Color and Technology Advantage

Gennex® Color Technology

Regal® Select Exterior Paint utilizes the innovative Gennex® Color Technology, which plays a crucial role in delivering superior color and durability. This proprietary technology enhances the paint’s performance by ensuring that colors remain vibrant and true over time, even under the most challenging environmental conditions. The Gennex® Color Technology allows for a vast spectrum of colors, providing homeowners with endless options to personalize and beautify their exteriors.

Enhanced Formula Stability

The use of Gennex® Color Technology also contributes to the enhanced stability of the paint formula. By integrating colorants that are specifically designed to work with the paint base, this technology prevents common issues such as color fading and chalking, which can occur with other paints. This stability ensures that the paint not only looks good upon application but continues to provide an excellent appearance and protection throughout its lifespan.By leveraging the advanced properties of Regal® Select Exterior Paint, including mildew resistance and the benefits of Gennex® Color Technology, homeowners can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance finish for their exterior projects. 

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Ensuring Proper Application and Warranty

Surface Preparation Guidelines

To fully benefit from the lifetime limited warranty provided with Regal® Select Exterior Paint, it is crucial to adhere to recommended surface preparation and application guidelines. Proper preparation ensures optimal adhesion and long-term performance of the paint. Here are key steps to follow:

  • Cleaning the Surface: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove any dirt, grease, mildew, or chalk. Use a pressure washer or scrub the area with a brush and mild detergent, followed by rinsing with clean water. Allow the surface to dry completely before painting.
  • Repairing Damage: Inspect the surface for any cracks, holes, or damaged areas. Repair these imperfections using appropriate fillers or patching compounds. Sand the repaired areas smooth to ensure a uniform surface.
  • Priming: Apply a high-quality primer to surfaces, especially those that are bare, heavily weathered, or have been repaired. Priming helps in sealing the surface, providing a stable base for the paint, and enhancing adhesion.

Painting Guidelines

Following the correct application procedures is essential to achieving a flawless finish and maintaining the warranty coverage:

  • Choosing the Right Tools: Use high-quality brushes, rollers, or spray equipment suitable for the type of surface and finish you are applying. For detailed or intricate areas, brushes are ideal, while rollers and sprayers are better for large, flat surfaces.
  • Application Conditions: Ensure the weather conditions are favorable for painting. Avoid painting in extreme temperatures, high humidity, or during windy conditions. Regal® Select Exterior Paint can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F, but always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal results.
  • Applying the Paint: Apply the paint evenly, maintaining a wet edge to prevent lap marks. Two coats are generally recommended for the best coverage and durability. Allow sufficient drying time between coats, as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Final Inspection: After the paint has dried, inspect the surface for any missed areas or imperfections. Touch up as necessary to ensure a consistent and professional finish.

Warranty Compliance

To ensure compliance with the lifetime limited warranty:

  • Document the Process: Keep records of the surface preparation, types of primers and paints used, application methods, and environmental conditions during the painting process.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Adhering to the specific guidelines provided by Sherwin-Williams will help in maintaining the warranty coverage and achieving the best results.

Regal® Select Exterior Paint stands out as a top choice for exterior painting projects due to its advanced alkyd technology, superior adhesion, and lasting durability. Its ability to perform well on various substrates, including challenging surfaces like PVC siding and trim, along with its excellent flow and leveling properties, make it a versatile and reliable option. The range of finishes, from flat to soft gloss, provides flexibility to achieve the desired aesthetic while ensuring robust protection against the elements.


Choose Regal® Select Exterior Paint for your next exterior painting project to enjoy its superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Visit your local Sherwin-Williams store or explore their website to access more detailed information and purchase options. Ensure your home looks beautiful and protected for years to come with Regal® Select Exterior Paint. 


People Also Ask:

What makes Regal® Select Exterior Paint a top choice for exterior applications?

Regal® Select Exterior Paint is known for its advanced alkyd technology, which ensures superior adhesion and durability. Its formulation provides excellent performance on various substrates, making it a reliable choice for exterior projects.

How does Regal® Select Exterior Paint perform in harsh weather conditions?

This paint is engineered to withstand harsh weather, resisting cracking, peeling, fading, and mildew growth. Its durable finish maintains its appearance and protection even under extreme environmental stressors.

What are the benefits of the MoorLife Flat Finish in Regal® Select Exterior Paint?

The MoorLife Flat Finish offers exceptional application benefits, including a smooth consistency that conceals surface imperfections. It is also highly durable, resisting harsh weather conditions and maintaining its integrity over time. 


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  • Regal® Select: A premium exterior paint by Benjamin Moore known for its advanced alkyd technology.
  • Alkyd Technology: A type of resin used in paint that enhances adhesion and durability.
  • Adhesion: The ability of the paint to stick firmly to various surfaces.
  • Substrate: The surface to which paint is applied.
  • MoorLife Flat Finish: A specific finish in the Regal® Select line known for its smooth, non-reflective appearance.
  • MoorGard Low Lustre Finish: Offers a semi-matte appearance that balances beauty and durability.
  • MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish: Provides a glossy look with strong protection against environmental elements.
  • Low Temperature Application: The capability of paint to be applied in colder temperatures.
  • Early Moisture Resistance: The paint's ability to withstand moisture shortly after application.
  • Gennex® Color Technology: Benjamin Moore’s proprietary technology ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors.

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