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Key Features:

  • High Hiding Power: Covers previous colors and imperfections with fewer coats, ensuring a uniform and professional finish.
  • Durability: The 100% acrylic formula provides resistance to weathering and daily wear and tear, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Vibrant Color Options: Available in a wide range of colors, including red, yellow, and white bases, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting hues. 

Miller Paint’s - Super Color

Miller Paint’s Super Color line offers a versatile solution for both interior and exterior painting needs. With its high-hiding power and vibrant, long-lasting colors, this line provides a convenient and effective way to enhance your living spaces.

Key Features of Super Color Paint

The Super Color line is known for its superior hide, meaning it can cover previous colors and imperfections with fewer coats. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures a more uniform and professional-looking finish. Additionally, the 100% acrylic formula of Super Color paints provides durability and resistance to weathering, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Color Options and Sheen Varieties

The Super Color line offers a wide range of color options, including red, yellow, and white bases. These bases are essential for achieving vibrant hues that can transform any space. In terms of sheen, the line includes options for both interior and exterior use. Interior sheens available include Eggshell, Satin, and Semigloss, each offering a different level of shine and durability. For exterior applications, the line offers Velvet, Satin, and Semigloss sheens, providing options that can withstand the elements while maintaining their appearance.

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Application Tips for Best Results

To ensure you achieve the best results with Miller Paint’s Super Color line, consider the following practical tips:Surface Preparation

  • Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants. For exterior surfaces, power washing is recommended.
  • Sanding: Sand rough areas to create a smooth surface. This is especially important for previously painted surfaces to ensure good adhesion.
  • Priming: Use a suitable primer for the type of surface and existing color. Priming helps in covering stains and ensures the topcoat adheres well.

Application Techniques

  • Brushes: Use high-quality synthetic brushes for best results, especially in corners and edges.
  • Rollers: Select the appropriate roller nap based on the surface texture. Use a shorter nap for smooth surfaces and a longer nap for textured surfaces.
  • Sprayers: When using a sprayer, ensure even coverage by maintaining a consistent distance from the surface and using steady, overlapping strokes.

Durability and Performance

Interior Durability

  • Wear and Tear: Super Color paints are formulated to withstand daily wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Their 100% acrylic composition ensures they resist chipping and peeling.
  • Cleanability: These paints are easy to clean, with most stains and marks removable with a damp cloth, maintaining a fresh appearance over time.

Exterior Performance

  • Weather Resistance: Super Color paints excel in exterior applications, providing excellent protection against UV rays, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Their durability ensures that the color and finish remain vibrant and intact for years.
  • Moisture Resistance: The 100% acrylic formula provides superior moisture resistance, preventing issues like peeling and bubbling, which are common in harsh weather conditions.

In Our Experience:

"Miller Paint’s Super Color line has consistently delivered exceptional results. I remember a project where we needed to cover a dark, outdated color in a busy family room. The high-hiding power of Super Color paint meant we achieved a flawless finish with fewer coats, saving time and ensuring a smooth, professional look. The vibrant hues brightened the space, and the durable finish held up beautifully against the daily wear and tear from kids and pets. This paint is our go-to for clients seeking a balance of beauty and durability in their home improvements."

Ideal Use Cases

Residential Projects

  • High-Traffic Areas: Super Color paints are ideal for areas that experience a lot of wear and tear, such as hallways, kitchens, and living rooms. Their high-hiding power and durable finish ensure these spaces look fresh and clean even with frequent use.
  • Children's Rooms: The vibrant color options and durable finish make Super Color paints perfect for children's rooms. They can withstand the inevitable marks and stains while keeping the room looking bright and inviting.
  • Exterior Facades: For exterior applications, Super Color paints offer excellent weather resistance, making them suitable for siding, trim, and other outdoor surfaces. Their ability to maintain color and finish in harsh conditions ensures long-lasting curb appeal.

Commercial Applications

  • Office Spaces: In commercial properties, Super Color paints provide a professional finish that stands up to the rigors of daily use. Their durability and easy maintenance are ideal for office environments where aesthetics and functionality are important.
  • Retail Stores: The vibrant hues and high-hiding capabilities of Super Color paints can enhance the visual appeal of retail spaces, attracting customers and creating a pleasant shopping experience. The ease of cleaning ensures that the space remains inviting over time.
  • Hospitality: In hotels and restaurants, the paint’s durability and stain resistance are critical. Super Color paints offer a balance of beauty and functionality, ensuring that high-traffic areas such as lobbies, dining areas, and guest rooms maintain their appearance.

Consumer Insights and Professional Feedback

Consumer Reviews

  • Ease of Application: Many DIY enthusiasts praise Super Color paints for their ease of application, noting that the paint goes on smoothly and covers previous colors effectively. Users appreciate the minimal effort required to achieve a professional-looking finish.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Consumers highlight the vibrant colors and rich finishes available, which allow them to achieve their desired look. The variety of sheen options also receives positive feedback for providing the right level of gloss for different projects.
  • Durability: Everyday users report satisfaction with the paint’s durability, noting that it holds up well in high-traffic areas and is easy to clean, maintaining its fresh appearance over time.

Professional Opinions

  • Reliability: Professional painters commend Super Color paints for their reliability and consistent performance across various projects. They appreciate the paint’s superior hide and coverage, which reduce the number of coats needed and save time on the job.
  • Coverage and Value: Professionals also highlight the value of Super Color paints, emphasizing that the combination of high-quality finish and long-lasting durability makes it a cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Overall Value: Feedback from professionals often notes that while the paint may come at a premium price, its ease of application, durability, and beautiful finish make it a worthwhile investment for clients seeking long-lasting results.

These insights and feedback highlight the strengths of Super Color paints, making them a top choice for a wide range of painting projects. 

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Comparisons with Other Brands

Performance Comparison

  • Coverage: Super Color paints by Miller Paint are known for their superior hiding power, often requiring fewer coats to achieve full coverage compared to other leading brands. This feature ensures efficiency and cost savings in terms of both time and paint quantity.
  • Color Vibrancy: Super Color’s pigment-rich formula delivers vibrant and long-lasting hues. Compared to competitors, Super Color maintains its brightness and resists fading, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Durability: When it comes to durability, Super Color paints stand out for their robust finish that withstands daily wear and tear. The 100% acrylic formula provides excellent resistance to weathering for exterior surfaces and maintains its integrity in high-traffic indoor areas.

Value Assessment

  • Cost-Effectiveness: While Super Color paints might come at a higher price point than some competitors, the initial investment is balanced by its superior performance and longevity. Fewer coats, less frequent repainting, and enhanced durability contribute to long-term savings.
  • Comparative Pricing: When compared to other premium brands, Super Color offers competitive pricing with the added benefits of better coverage and color retention. This makes it a preferred choice for both budget-conscious homeowners and professional contractors looking for quality and value.

Recap of Standout Qualities

  • High Hiding Power: Efficiently covers previous colors and imperfections with fewer coats.
  • Vibrant, Long-Lasting Colors: Maintains color brightness and resists fading over time.
  • 100% Acrylic Formula: Ensures durability and weather resistance, suitable for a variety of surfaces.
  • Ease of Application: Smooth application with brushes, rollers, or sprayers, making it user-friendly for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Consider Super Color for Your Next Project: Whether you’re refreshing an interior space or revamping an exterior, Super Color offers the quality and durability you need to transform your home or commercial property.
  • Visit a Miller Paint Retailer: For a hands-on experience, view color samples, and discuss your specific needs with a paint expert at a local Miller Paint store.


People Also Ask:

What makes Miller Paint's Super Color line unique? 

Miller Paint's Super Color line is known for its high-hiding power and vibrant, long-lasting colors. It covers previous colors and imperfections with fewer coats, saving time and effort while ensuring a professional-looking finish.

What types of sheens are available in the Super Color line? 

The Super Color line offers a variety of sheens for both interior and exterior use. Interior sheens include Eggshell, Satin, and Semigloss, while exterior options include Velvet, Satin, and Semigloss, providing the right level of shine and durability for different applications.

How does Super Color paint perform in high-traffic areas? 

Super Color paints are highly durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. They withstand daily wear and tear, are easy to clean, and resist chipping and peeling, maintaining their fresh appearance over time. 


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  • Super Color: A line of paint by Miller Paint known for its high-hiding power and vibrant colors. 
  • High-Hiding Power: The ability of paint to cover previous colors and imperfections with fewer coats. 
  • 100% Acrylic Formula: A paint composition that offers durability and resistance to weathering. 
  • Sheen: The level of shine and glossiness of paint, ranging from flat to high gloss. 
  • Interior Sheens: Eggshell, Satin, and Semigloss finishes for interior applications. 
  • Exterior Sheens: Velvet, Satin, and Semigloss finishes for exterior applications. 
  • Surface Preparation: Steps taken to clean, sand, and prime a surface before painting. 
  • Priming: Applying a primer to ensure the topcoat adheres well and covers stains. 
  • Wear and Tear: Damage that occurs from everyday use. 
  • Moisture Resistance: The ability of paint to withstand moisture without peeling or bubbling. 

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