Portland, OR, USA


We are seeking a Commercial Painting Estimator to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for preparing detailed cost estimates for commercial painting jobs, building new client channels, networking, estimating blueprints, and finding new job acquisitions. This role requires a strong understanding of painting techniques and building construction, as well as the ability to collaborate with engineers, architects, and subcontractors. The Commercial Painting Estimator will also be responsible for providing information to site personnel and potential customers, and organizing bid information for future reference.

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  • Performance bonuses
  • Annual Company Vacation
  • Own Territory/Office (per-recreates required)
  • Profit sharing (per-recreates required)


  1. Paid time off
  2. Retirement
  3. Salary


1. Read and estimate blueprints.
2. Prepare detailed cost estimates for commercial painting jobs.
3. Build new client channels and engage in networking activities.
4. Find new project acquisitions.
5. Examine structures and buildings to understand the techniques needed for painting.
6. Account for various elements of building construction that can make the painting more challenging.
7. Collaborate with engineers and architects.
8. Review and validate cost estimates using technology.
9. Negotiate bids for contractors.
10. Provide information to site personnel and potential customers.
11. Organize bid information for future reference.